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More reasons to get your kids out of publically-funded schools, even higher education schools: For the second time in 15 years – UC-Berkeley Law School Dean Takes Leave Of Absence After Being Sued For Sexual Harassment

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Several readers sent in the links to this article: FBI Now Spying on HS Students, to ID and Weed-Out “Extremists & Anarchists” for Pre-Crimes

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Despite the Democratic narrative over the Supreme Court vacancy, Republicans have no constitutional duty to vote on Supreme Court nominees – Sent in by P.M.

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Police Confiscate Guns from Concealed Permit Holder Who Believes in Bigfoot – And this even with a signed statement from a doctor that he presents no danger to society. How far away is this from having your weapons confiscated because you believe in the existence of an all-powerful entity who can and will control all aspects of the universe? – Sent in by B.B.

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Reader Mr. Natural wrote in with this: Finally. ATF Reveals The Number of US Registered Machine Guns

Transferables: 175,977
Pre-May Dealer Samples: 17,020
Post-May Dealer Samples: 297,667

Wow. Way more posties than I’d have thought. But read the whole thing. It’s quite interesting. But it begs an unanswered question just as important: “How many registered machine gun owners are there?” Which brings up a point never, ever aired by the MSM: Full-auto’s have been registered since the National Firearms Act of 1934– 82 years. Since that time fewer than a dozen have ever been used in a crime of violence by their registered owner.

ATF cannot be bothered to compile the exact number. Why? Because your government doesn’t waste money on pro-gun stats, of course. It doesn’t fit the narrative. There’s nothing to see here. Move along, citizen. But do the math, 82 years. Almost half a million guns with fewer than a dozen crimes. (HINT: It’s a leetle-bitty small percentage with several zeroes to the right of the decimal point.

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