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Apparently there are still a few judges in this country who have heard of the Constitution. Reader K in Tenn sent in this article: No, Turning On Your Phone Is Not Consenting To Being Tracked By Police

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Reader M.P. sent in this article from Wired which writes about a December 2015 cyber attack on the Ukrainian power grid that brought down power for nearly a quarter of a million.

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Britain and Europe at risk of ‘enormous and spectacular’ attacks by Isil. Sent in by A.D.

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Superesse Straps, a small veteran owned and operated business that specializes in survival kit bracelets, has introduced their new “Urban Carry Strap”, which is far more simplistic than their other straps. The idea was to produce a bracelet that was more useful to the average user. (The average guy doesn’t often have to suture his own wound up.) Check them out at superessestraps.com

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FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans. Sent in by P.M.

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