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Virginia Governor Signs Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill, Concealed Carriers Rejoice

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Commander Zero, the Editor of the Notes From The Bunker blog, mentioned this fascinating little collection of photos, with brief descriptions: In Heinlein’s Bomb Shelter.

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Finally, some progress on Servergate: Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server.  I hope that a jury puts Hitlery in prison, where she belongs. 

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Golly! I just saw that $32 will now buy you a tiny 128 GB memory stick that is USB 3.0 compatible. That is some serious Secret Agent stuff.  128 GB is the equivalent of the contents of 4,480,000 HTML web pages. Or think of it as 9 full uncompressed copies of everything in Wikipedia. By the way, I vaguely remember paying around $75 back in 2004 or 2005 for my first 64 MB flash drive that was physically five times that size. So I’d call this progress. (Oh, and if you don’t need to tote around an entire encyclopedia, and if you don’t need 3.0 compatibility, then you can now get a very compact 16 GB USB 2.0 stick from Kingston for just under $6.)  One proviso: Keep in mind that with higher component density comes more heat generation and dissipation problems. The 64 MB sticks tend to run hot, and the 128 GB sticks even hotter. For daily use, I therefore recommend using flash drives no larger than 32 GB. Your mileage may vary. – JWR

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