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Gadgets track wildlife, and enlighten humans

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A recent headline: At least 1,818 Clinton emails contain classified material.  And of those, 50 were classified Secret or Top Secret (TS), and within the TS category 22 of the e-mails were “copy and paste” sections from Sensitive Compatmented Information (SCI) codeword material from Special Access Programs (SAPs)! As a former Special Security Officer (SSO) who was in charge of SCI document storage and SAP compartment program briefings and de-briefings, I am stunned to see that Hitlery Clinton still has not yet been charged. If she were one of my ASA intel troops and had done that, then she’d be behind bars. (But of course the members of the Clinton royal family are special. I really doubt that she will ever get her Perp Walk moment wearing the shiny bracelets, on camera.) – JWR

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UPDATE: Complete text of Higgins’ remarks; Clay Higgins leaves the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office

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A preview of Europe’s upcoming Border Fence Spring and City Plaza Summer:  Hundreds of migrants have smashed their way though a fence on the Macedonia-Greece border.

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The California State Assembly is continuing to steamroller Second Amendment rights.  According to California’s Firearms Policy Coalition, four more anti-gun bills are coming up for committee hearings today in the Assembly Public Safety Committee:

AB 1663: Will expand the “Assault Weapons” ban to include semi-automatic centerfire rifles capable of accepting

AB 1664: Will ban all semi-automatic rifles that are equipped with a bullet button or other mag-locking device.

AB 1673: Will expand the definition of “firearm” to include the “finished frame or receiver of the weapon, or the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver.”  (Presumably that means all of the 80% complete paperweights on the market.)

AB 1674: Will make it a crime to attempt to purchase more than one firearm of any type within a 30-day period and delete the private party transaction exemption to the 30-day prohibition.

(Californians: You are urged to immediately contact your Assemblymen to oppose this legislation–both in committee and if it reaches the Assembly floor.)