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Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Why Rand Paul Lost; Why Freedom Is Faltering

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The Enemy is Here – and our leaders are doing nothing. – SurvivalBlog reader K.F. sent in the link to the counter-jihad site. There are some excellent articles here dispelling the myth that moderate Islam is harmless.

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Reader B.B. sent in the link to Bearing Arms’ article profiling Polycase’s Ruger ARX ammo which is a polymer/copper composite. It’s a 10-minute video with some standard FBI tests comparing it to proven performers (Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST). If you are looking for a lead-free alternative, this might be for you, but it doesn’t perform well against these proven Self Defense loads.

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Reader RBS sent in this article with some amazing pictures of a Unique Wartime Aircraft Collection that Spent 40 Years in a Texas Barn. If you are a classic military airplane buff, you need to see this one.

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The Caterpillar S60 Is The First Smartphone To Have Built-In Thermal Imaging – sent in by G.P.

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