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It Has Begun! Excerpt: “The process of discovering true value has begun, as indicated by the decline in the S&P, decline in the Shanghai Index, rise in gold stocks, rise in gold, and rise in silver. Expect it to continue.”

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We normally stay away from “zombies”, but this one is too good to pass up: No Way Out – B.B.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

US Consumers Can’t Save the World Economy (Business Insider) Excerpt: “Consumption-led growth will help the U.S. economy expand by 2–2.5% again this year,” wrote Quinlan. “That’s good but not good enough for cyclical and structural reasons to prevent further downward pressure on global growth. The U.S. consumer just isn’t the powerful global growth engine it once was.”

Why According to One Bank, Massive Central Bank Intervention is Imminent (Zero Hedge) Excerpt: “Said otherwise, if next weekend the G-20 disappoints and unveils nothing, the next big leg down in the selloff will have arrived. How likely is such a major intervention? Keep an eye on the recently surging price of Bitcoin for the answer, and also Vancouver real estate, of course.” Warning: Commentary following article may contain bad language and/or inappropriate avatars.

Treasury Deposits at Fed Prop Up Money Supply Again in January (Mises) Excerpt: “For decades, treasury deposits remained at consistent levels, but since the financial crisis, treasury deposits have surged again and again. Today, they are now a significant factor in the movement of the total money supply, and have become an increasingly large factor over the past year.” Interested in more details about what makes up the money supply? Here’s the Austrian perspective at Mises with more information for interested readers: True Money Supply

International News

The Stressed-Out Oil Industry Faces an Existential Crisis (Bloomberg) Excerpt: “Welcome to oil’s new world order, full of stresses, strains and fractures. For leaders gathering in Houston next week at the IHS CERAWeek conference – often dubbed the Davos of the energy industry – a key question is: what will break first?” Warning: A video accompanies the type written report and may auto-launch.

EU’s Real Brake Isn’t Britain But Franco-German Impasse (Reuters) Excerpt: “Forget Brexit. The real obstacle to deeper European integration is not the awkward British, whether they choose to stay in the European Union with a “special status” or leave. It is a long-running Franco-German impasse on how to make the euro zone stronger and more sustainable, reconciling two radically different economic and political cultures.”

New Market Storm Could Catch Euro Zone Unprepared (Reuters) Excerpt: “…the storm clouds are gathering above a tenuous and slow euro zone economic recovery….”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

7 Top Tips for Saving Money in the Garden (This Little Home) Excerpt: “Here are my top tips to help you save money when gardening.”

How to Start a Garden on a Budget (Tenth Acre Farm) Excerpt: “ROI in the realm of vegetable gardening tends to be gradual. You’ll grow more and more produce each year as you hone your skills and become accustomed to your little slice of heaven. This fact can work in your favor. It means that the money you spend on development can also be gradual to match the gradually increasing return. If it were easy to grow $1,000 of produce in your first year, then the tips in this article would be a lot different! Expect your first year to be the starting point that it is. There’s no where to go but up!”

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