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Mitch Beaudoin from the Burntroot Broadcasting podcast in Canada recently posted his interview (Part 1 and Part 2) with James Wesley, Rawles. This is an excellent interview for those who are just now getting in to the survival/prepper frame of mind as it covers the basics and some history.

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I just noticed that we are rapidly approaching the milestone of 80 million unique visits. Thanks for making SurvivalBlog such a great success. Even after 10 years, there are still some folks who are still unaware of the blog’s existence. So a link in your blog, web page, or e-mail footer would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks! – JWR

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SurvivalBlog reader B.B. sent in this article: Immigrant Activist Makes History By Becoming New York’s First Undocumented Lawyer. The statement that this person “passed the Bar” makes one realize that apparently a lawyer is not required to follow the law in order to practice. Illegal Immigration is a misdemeanor crime and if repeated after deportation becomes punishable as a felony. How can we claim to be a lawful nation when we knowingly authorize those who flagrantly flaunt the breaking of law to practice in our justice system. How can a person possibly attain justice when the system disregards the very law it is supposed to uphold?

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The 4th Circuit applied strict scrutiny to Maryland’s gun control law in a win for the Second Amendment. Sent in by J.C.

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Reader JBG sent in this article from USA Today detailing how the UK wants authority to serve warrants in U.S. The proposed plan does not allow access to U.S. citizen’s data, but the possibility for abuse exists.

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