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“Free French”, a retired cop, has a video commentary out on the LaVoy Finicum shooting video released by the FBI. From the start there were serious issues in how the OHP and FBI set this arrest up. From starting with lethal force options where there was no justification to placing their own officers/agents in a cross fire situation, to using illegal roadblock techniques, to breaking cover to engage Finicum while standing behind an uncleared vehicle, there are serious problems all the way through.

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Israel’s power grid has been partially taken down by a cyberattack. If theirs can be taken down, so can ours. – D.S.

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From the desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large: Amazon security leak of personal info. Human engineering at its finest. This likely applies to many retailers. It’s safest if you don’t keep a mailing address on file, or use a rechargeable card for purchase and not your standard credit cards.

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Carla Emery’s daughter continues her mom’s off-grid tradition. (Carla Emery wrote the bestseller Encyclopedia of Country Living)

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SurvivalBlog reader MtH wrote in: This was disturbing news considering the problems that stem from these “refugees”. Figured those in the Redoubt and elsewhere should be aware of this and the push. Helena and Missoula situational awareness

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