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Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse – G.G.

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Baltic Dry Index Falls to 325, 1,430 Vessels Need to be Laid Up to Restore Balance – B.B.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

70% See American Dream Out of Reach (Washington Examiner) Herein lies a substantial portion of the problem. People do not see solutions coming from within themselves, and so they seek solutions through government. Excerpt: “The current political environment has voters thinking the federal government is an ineffective mess that is causing more harm than good. However, they still want this government to be doing more…”

Lost Decade for the US Economy (Business Insider) Excerpt: “Wait for it … welcome to the new normal. The economy hasn’t managed a single year of even 3% growth since 2005. A lost decade, at least by American standards. (We’re not Japan, after all.)”

The $29T Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Global Recession (Contra Corner) Excerpt: “Whether this debt overhang proves to be a catalyst for recession or not, one thing is clear in talking to credit-market observers: It’s a problem that won’t go away any time soon.”

Mortgage Rates Fall for Fourth Week in a Row (Washington Post) Excerpt: “Investors remain leery of stocks and instead are seeking safety in bonds, which in turn drives down home loan rates.”

Real Estate Wars: Inside the Class and Culture Fight That’s Tearing San Francisco Apart (Business Insider) Excerpt: “America’s biggest cities are experiencing a land rush, with the wealthiest residents buying up property and squeezing out the middle and lower classes…” Environments like this are ripe for increasing use and abuse of eminent domain. From Theft by Government Continues Through Eminent Domain

International News

Swiss Government Proposes Paying 1,700 a Month Whether They Work or Not in a Big to End Poverty… (Daily Mail) Helicopter money is not the solution. It will never lead to freedom from want. It will only lead to the growing dependence of people on government, to the ever expanding role of government in the lives of those people, and ultimately to tyranny.

Personal Economics and Household Finance

12 Skills for Preppers that Money Just Can’t Buy (Backdoor Survival) Invest in your mindset, your skill sets, and train up! Excerpt: “The biggest stockpile in the county won’t be enough if you don’t learn the important skills that will carry you through when you’re faced with hard times. Likewise, there are certain personality traits that will enhance your ability to survive.” Read on.

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