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Our SurvivalRealty spin-off site gets some very unusual retreat property listings, but this new one on Hawaii’s Big Island is incredible: Private Cave Bordering Forest Reserve in Tropical Paradise

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SurvivalBlog reader R.H. wrote in response to Five Intelligence Essentials for Preparedness and Community Security, by Samuel Culper with a link to an article describing how to turn a computer and a TV tuning dongle into a police scanner capable of receiving trunked radio traffic.

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J.N. writes in: “Gun haters point to recent mass shooting and froth at the mouth demanding new anti-gun legislation to stop such future massacres.

But, the Washington Post– that monument to antigun agenda journalism– has admitted in print, in detail through its “fact checkers”, that NONE of Obama’s proposed gun control initiatives would have stopped those mass shootings!”

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Google Files Patent for “Needle-Free” Glucose Testing Technology – What could possible go wrong here?! – Sent in by D.S.

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Flu Flop: Another Year of Dangerous CDC Lies

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