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Several readers recommended the excellent documentary: Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law

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The count is now at 15 governors who have said they will reject the “refugees”. Obama faces insurrection – State governors are refusing to accept more refugees As a friend so aptly put it: “If you were given 10 grapes and told two of them were poison, and you couldn’t tell which two, would you eat any of them?”

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The “Big Boys” have the tools, now “Jr Varsity” ISIS wants them too. Britain warns of ISIS plotting deadly cyberattacks Link sent in by G.P.

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Military Armory Robbed – Haul included M4s, pistols, other rifles While nothing ties the theft directly to terrorist at this time, the timing is nonetheless disquieting. – T.P.

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Showing that the community is capable of policing its own: “World’s Worst” Firearms Instructor Stripped Of Credentials

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