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SurvivalBlog reader D.E. writes in with the comment: “It’s a sad day in the land of the free and home of the brave when Microsoft must move it’s data centers to Germany to give their users a smidgen of data privacy from their own government.”

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From D.S.: Texas warns Obama: No Syrian refugees here! – The lines are being drawn. Texas, Idaho, New Mexico and others are saying no; Washington says yes. Which state did you want to live in?

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B.B. sent in this link to an excellent article on the average Americans response to Paris: Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: The West Has Lost the Will to Live.

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Ever wonder why SurvivalBlog always chooses “Made in (pretty much anywhere)” over “Made in China” when possible? Why Home Depot is not your best choice for quality products This is just a minor reason compared to the slave labor issue. Sent in by P.M.

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Going hand-in-hand with the latest article on SurvivalBlog on antibiotics comes this warning: ‘Dangerously high’ antibiotic resistance levels worldwide: WHO Sent in by G.P.

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