Economics and Investing:

Items from Mr. Econocobas:

China Welcomes IMF Backing to Make Yuan World Reserve Currency

Car Loans Hit $1 Trillion for First Time

Japan Relapses into Recession in July-September, a Blow to ‘Abenomics’

Items from Professor Preponomics:

Nordstrom: The Religion of Consumption Has Proven Unfulfilling (Market Watch)

It’s Official. Obama Wants to Help You Manage Your Retirement Savings. (Zero Hedge)

Jury Finds Ernst & Young Liable for Millions in Damages Related to the Madoff Ponzi Scheme (Reuters)

Postal Service Tallies $5.1B Loss Even As Revenues Rise (U.S. News)

100 American CEOs Have More Wealth Than 116 Million Americans (My Budget 360)

Smaller Bonuses on Wall Street and 2016 Doesn’t Look Promising Either (Business Insider)

12th Obamacare Co-op Closes After Receiving $71.5M in Taxpayer Funded Loans (Daily Signal)

Managing Your Money the Old-Fashioned Way (Clark Howard)

Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner (Frugal Living)

A Lighter, Simpler, More Beautiful Holiday (Becoming Minimalist) Thought to Share: What a wonderful way to make Christ the focus this and every Christmas.