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A consulting client in Georgia recently asked me about carry methods for his new Rawles XL Voyager folding knife. Since this knife is quite large (7.3″ long when folded and just over 12″ when locked open), it can be challenging for everyday front pocket carry, using the included pocket clip. And, given the long blade length, pocket carry is not always legal in all jurisdictions. I told him: To get a kydex belt sheath made in your choice of colors and set up for either horizontal or vertical carry, talk to Matt Mann of Trident Concealment. Or if you prefer leather, then Wicek Leather makes a great pancake style sheath. One other option is a Desmond suspended pack strap/neck sheath. (In my experience, for wear under a shirt, some people who wear an undershirt will find these comfortable to wear between layers, but without an undershirt, they are fairly uncomfortable.) And if you live in a locale with no restrictions on concealed knife carry, then a horizontal cell phone pouch or an eyeglasses case might do the trick.(BTW, test-fitting a knife in various pouches at a shopping mall cell phone kiosk can be quite a conversation starter!) And regardless of your choice of carry method, check your state and local laws before ordering! Oh, and if you order a custom sheath, make sure that you specify that you need it for a Tanto-style XL Voyager, since the Vaquero XL Voyager profile is substantially different.- JWR

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Richard H. flagged this: The plinker went to war: The IDF’s Ruger 10/22 JWR’s Comment: Keep in mind that these are not being used as primary battle rifles. They are used in Intifada riot situations, to reduce the risk of killing the guys who are throwing the rocks and Molotovs. (It is very difficult to just deliberately wound with a 5.56.) Keep in mind that.22LR is NOT an appropriate to use as a WTSHTF defensive rifle!

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Daniel Pipes: 50 Years of Dangerous Immigration Legislation. Here is a sobering quote from the article: “Put in numerical terms, according to the Pew Research Center, the United States was 84 percent white, 11 percent black, 4 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent Asian in 1965; today, it is 62 percent white, 12 percent black, 18 percent Hispanic and 6 percent Asian, and 2 percent other. The center projects that in 2065, the population will be 46 percent white, 13 percent black, 24 percent Hispanics, 14 percent Asian, and 3 percent other.” JWR’s Comment: This demographic shift is profound–not because of skin color, which is in an of itselfmeaningless–but rather because it indicates a corresponding shift in America’s religious makeup. There are now fewer Christians and Jews, as a percentage of the overall population, and the demographic shift is expected to continue. And it is notable that a lot of the cited “other” category will be Muslims of Middle Eastern origin.

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