Economics and Investing:

Just like clockwork, Spot Silver is emerging from the regular summer doldrums. It is noteworthy that the physical market is now very far removed from the spot and futures markets. There is a huge shortage of silver coins and small bars, and dealers are commanding huge premiums above spot. With spot silver now around $15.60 per ounce, you will be lucky to find even generic one-ounce rounds selling for less than $22 each, and U.S. Mint American Eagles are a couple of dollars more.

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Record ATM Fees Rise Toward $5

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Jim Willie: Checkmate! In an interview with Rick Wiles, in his characteristically blunt style, Jim Willie discusses Glencore and asserts that the Fed is creating$1 Trillion per month in hidden Quantitative Easing (QE) via oil market naked bond short reverse repos and related derivatives! (To see an explanation of this scheme n greater detail, read a piece that Willie wrote forMarket Oracle, back in late August: REPO Window Hidden$Trillion QE Monthly Volume.)

Items from The Economics Team:

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