Odds ‘n Sods:

Worth A Thousand Words… Satellite image of Russian troops and hardware in Syria Proxy Wars: 25% less-filling than declared wars with the same levels of casualties. – GJM

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Obama Issues Executive Order for Use of Behavioral Data – G.P.

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The Caliphate Growing at the Feet of Obama – MtH [Warning: – disturbing photo]

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SCOTUS Justice Breyer likes to rely on the laws of other countries – G.P.

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Marine General actually said: “Whichever way you stand on the Second Amendment“? One can’t help but wonder what Jeff Cooper, Joe Foss, and Carlos Hathcock might have to say concerning a MARINE Lt. General unwilling to verbally side with the 2nd amendment. – T.P.

HJL adds: This would be one of the primary reasons why I am very hesitant about arming military personnel on our home soil. As I’ve stated before: Arm them to the teeth when on foreign soil but not at home. This is a long standing tradition with deep roots by people who understand that it never works out well for freedom when the military is armed on the home soil.

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