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American knife collector “Stilletto” just posted a very positive video review of the Rawles XL Voyager Knife. He compares the knife to the earlier-generation extra large Voyagers, and shows some nice close up views. He also mentions that this limited edition knife with the SurvivalBlog logotype will probably never make it to Cold Steel’s regular catalog or to any stocking dealers. These will probably sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate. As I’ve mentioned before, all profits are going to two Christian charities. – JWR

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Federal Agencies Fight for Warrantless Access to Emails – G.P.

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Because the Dance Must Begin Well Before Midnight…
Large troop contingents being redeployed to Russia’s western regions
And my salute, to all whose sons have opted to join ranks and shoulder rucks, knowing full well that none of this regime have any of their sons anywhere among them – GJM

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Special Ops Soldiers Use Rental Trucks to Infiltrate & Occupy California Town – B.B.

HJL Adds: This is the kind of action I expected to see from JADE HELM 15, though I’m surprised the people bragged about it afterward. The thing to remember about an exercise like this (and the advice goes not just for military/police exercises but all the time) is do not let anyone talk you into doing something that you know is morally wrong or illegal. The alphabet agencies excel at setting up and supplying “terrorists” and then arresting them, claiming to have stopped a dangerous plot (that they probably concocted themselves). You don’t want or need to be that person who was set up because you trusted the wrong person and let them talk you into something you wouldn’t normally do.

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‘Act and kill’: ISIS just released 1,400 Americans’ private info online – D.S.

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Flamethrowers, given up by military, are now being sold to the public – JBG

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