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Many rely upon the Tor browser for anonymous browsing, but MIT researchers were able to identify 88% of anonymous websites – without breaking Tor’s encryption. Something to be aware of if you relying upon anonymous browsing. – S.C.

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Former S.F. inmates file claim that deputies forced them to fight – T.P.

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Report cites ‘Latinization of U.S.,’ warns of ‘backlash’ against whites – P.M

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Feds charge three men accused of prepping for martial law When I first read just the headline, I was not sure what to expect. Were peppers being persecuted? But after reading the article I can see why they were arrested. Straw purchase of a firearm for a convicted felon, making hand grenades and explosives. Although the “accused of stockpiling arms and ammunition” is a little disconcerting. Mixed emotions about this story. – M.P.

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How To Disable Google Location Tracking (Android+iOS+Web) – G.P.

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