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The WHY of the Christian States of America.. – C.B.

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It’s good to see some good peace officers out there! Constitutionally aware police officer dresses down thug security guard – T.P.

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The Army’s robo-exoskeleton will help soldiers shoot straighter – D.S.

HJL Adds: This will be an interesting development to follow. It has always been my understanding that the tremors it is designed to combat are not the issue with “misses” but instead it’s the co-ordination with simultaneously pulling the trigger and holding on target. Our brains have a tendency to want to jerk or pull to the side causing the miss.

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I guess this is better than calling 911 because your pizza delivery was late – but just barely. ‘Offended’ flea market shopper calls 911 over Confederate merchandise This whole issue is getting out of control. – D.S.

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Food storage for $5 per week – J.C.

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