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Real time cyber attack map. – P.M.

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U.S. Military Makes Monumental Shift To Hollowpoint Pistol Ammunition – T.P.

JWR’s Comment: To the best of my knowledge the U.S. government has never been a signatory to the Hague Convention, which bans soft nose ammunition for military use. (Here, I must peremptorily state that it is NOT “The Geneva Convention”, as is popularly and incorrectly cited.) For MANY years, the U.S. military has issued riot shotguns with size 00 soft lead pellet buckshot, which is technically banned by the Convention. And as I recall, the U.S. Army has issued some match ammunition fro sniping that is not truly “full metal jacket.” And for that matter the 55 grain bullet used in our long-issued M193 ball ammunition was never completely Kosher under the Hague Convention, since it has a tendency to yaw, tumble, and occasionally disintegrate into nasty bits after hitting a human body. And, FWIW, the U.S. has largely abided by the Hague Convention, but we are not bound by it, since we were never a signatory.

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A Nation of Snitches: 37% More Taxpayers Turned in Other Taxpayers to the IRS in 2014. – PLC

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Ask Well: Guidelines for When Food Goes Bad. – G.G.

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From Wranglerstar: Wildland Firefighting What’s It Like?

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