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Pound Sand, Your Honor! More Americans Want States to Ignore Federal Courts

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SurvivalBlog reader T.P. sends in a warning about newswatch33.com. Apparently they are reporting fake racial violence stories attempting to agitate the issue. Beware anything that traces its source back to them!

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Training, training, training!! In this video (from last year) a pawnshop in Springdale, Arkansas is robbed at gunpoint by two men. Watch the bad guy in the red hoodie after the store owner shoots his partner. He has already drawn his weapon and pointed it at the other store employee (presumably with one in the chamber). He then reaches up with his left hand to jack the slide, ejecting a live round, and moves closer to the man lying on the ground. He then realizes the threat to him is not coming from the man in front of him but from the little old lady at the end of the counter. He proceeds to fire a round at her and then uses his left hand to jack the slide again, ejecting another live round onto the ground.

Another version of the video found on facebook shows a better angle of that person, and it appears that he fired twice and ejected three live rounds onto the ground. I can’t tell what sort of firearm he is using, but if it is a 1911 type, he now only has two or three rounds left in his clip and has wasted three live rounds. I guess that’s what happens when you train with airsoft or pretend. He isn’t even thinking as he ejects those live rounds onto the ground. So much the better for him, but don’t let that be you. Train like you are going to use it! – HJL

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Dave Hodges interviews expert, Bob Griswold, On Resupplying After the Coming Economic Collapse

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A Word To President Obama About “Gun Violence”. – A.L.

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