Odds ‘n Sods:

E-Bracelets for Pilgrims: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Google Patents Creepy New Toys That Spy on Your Kids, Control Smart Devices in Your Home

Also, the SMART TV’s and certain NEW computers have spying capability, hence we will keep our eight year old TV and OLD computer. Children are better off with old fashioned or SCIENTIFIC toys in any event! Give them cardboard boxes and crayons and let them create! I had a grand time with the cardboard Quaker Oats box, cut in half like a cradle, lining it with cloth, covering the outside with old wallpaper and putting my little dolly in it – AFTER I made her some new clothes. Of course that was the 1940’s! – H.L.

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Another Gift from Obama’s Amnesty: MS-13 Gang Epidemic. – D.M.

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Smart guns: They’re ready. Are we?. – T.P.

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Still Secret and Secure, Safe Rooms Now Hide in Plain Sight. – G.G.

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