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The Time is Now. – Avalanche Lily

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Over at Wranglerstar’s excellent blog site, there is a new video posted on rebuilding hydraulic ram pumps. – JWR

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SurvivalBlog reader G.P. sent in this link to an article from the NRA on Keeping Your Perspective. While targeted at the use of deadly force, it’s excellent advice for the times we live in. I have seen many preppers become frantic of late, ignoring everything but their preps. Keep your perspective. What are you prepping for? (And I’m not talking about which “End-of-world” scenario.) If you are prepping so your family can survive but the frantic intensity of what you are doing destroys your marriage or family, what have you accomplished?

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Home-school your children, folks. Middle School Teacher Let Students Have Sex In Classroom – T.P.

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Federalization of Law Enforcement Would Remove Bulwark for Second Amendment. – B.B.

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