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Fighting Entropy – The survival of civilization. – S.G.

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Video: Five ways to hide something in plain sight

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SurvivalBlog reader T.S. notes that anti-virus firm AVG has recently acquired Privax, the parent company of HideMyAss. The following is from an AVG license agreement, according to Wikipedia:

“The AVG license agreement includes a clause (Section 9) authorizing AVG to collect, from your computer, any Non-Personally Identifiable Information they desire and to share it with their business partners anywhere in the world. It also authorizes AVG to track your computer usage.”

AVG is also controversial in its use of software that can’t be removed easily and annoying pop-ups. We’re not sure what that means for users of the VPN service, but it certainly raises a flag or two.

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Jim Rogers On The Coming Water Wars. – B.B.

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One more reason I despise public schools: ‘He’s got a gun!’ Surprise school intruder drill traumatizes elementary students. – D.S.

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