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The recent train wrecks, including the Amtrak derailment, has brought rail safety to the attention of many preppers. Are your preps sufficient to cover the dangers of rail near your location? Do you even know what those dangers are? 10 things railroads won’t tell you

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To Smell the Putrid Smell of a City on Fire

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8th Grader Arrested, Threatened with Beatings and Held for 6 Days in Jail – For Throwing Skittles. – H.L.

HJL adds: This is beyond absurd. At what point will we see the police officers voice Bill Whittle’s words: “No, Sir, I will not obey that order!”

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4 Minute Video: Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement. – H.L.

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When Times Get Hard. – B.B.

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