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Great news for those traveling to Ohio! Ohio now recognizes all other state CCW licenses. – Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large.

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Also from Mike Williamson (actually his attorney):

“According to the BATFE NFA guy at the NRA annual meeting (I’d like to buy a Z, Pat), a ridiculous number of NFA trusts, presumably built on a sample once shared on Arfcom, all have the same beneficiary. That dude is going to inherit a ridiculous amount of cash and NFA stuff one of these days (the BATFE believes the number is in the thousands for the guns alone). The BATFE rep also said that many store and manufacturer trusts, specifically [redacted company], are worthless and insufficient to meet the definition of a trust.”

Mike says: “If you have a trust, check it carefully. It is well worth protecting your investment by consulting with a firearms attorney rather than another type of attorney, the Internet, or a store.”

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Flawed Encryption Leaves Millions of Smart Grid Devices at Risk of Cyberattacks. – D.S.

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We have been following this privacy atrocity for a while now: With $26.2M bid, Standard General wins control of RadioShack trademark, customer data. – RBS

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One of the first things you need when building with a timber frame is the raw resources for the frame. One of our favorite video bloggers, Wranglerstar, has an excellent video on Felling Giant Trees.

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