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The modern paramilitary police and how we got here: SurvivalBlog reader D.C. blames FLETC for turning our nation’s local level police forces into paramilitary death squads after seeing them first-hand on flights in and out of Roswell, NM heading to and from training in Artesia, and hearing the chatter amongst themselves. “The .gov folks talked amongst themselves at the airport of actively recruiting local agencies to send police officers to receive the training. The trainee officers seem very boosted in morale by the training, and their chatter is confident and not unlike that seen among school team athletes.” – D.C.

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SurvivalBlog reader D.B. sent in the link to this website with many useful online books that look like they are from the early 1900’s on many subjects like “Agriculture for the beginner”, “Practical blacksmithing”, and many others like this. You just have to scroll down past the construction tutorials to get the online books.

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Homeschoolers interrogated on guns, vaccines. – D.S.

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Mapped: One-in-five murder victims in world is Brazilian, Colombian or Venezuelan. – JBG

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War is coming. – P.M.

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