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All of veteran’s guns seized after false allegation. – H.L.

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Cops in this Small Town have 35,000 Open Arrest Warrants, That’s 26 Warrants per Citizen!

HJL Adds: One of the most disturbing things about these revenue generating schemes is that it is law enforcement officers that are tasked with executing these arrest warrants. This means that if a “misunderstanding” occurs, they are likely to have escalated force, up to and including deadly force, used to enforce the warrants. It is entirely possible that people will be jailed, beaten, and possibly killed over “victim-less” crimes designed to generate revenue for the city.

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Smart Meters: Enforcement Of Mandatory Water Restrictions Is Only Just The Beginning. – B.B.

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16 Jellies You Can Find In The Forest or your back yard. – KTO

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Pentagon readying for EMP. – G.P.

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