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Krayton Kerns, DVM Stuck in the Past. – Avalanche Lily

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When “moderates” appear inevitably destined for the ranks of ISIS, and with U.S. weapons falling into Al Qaeda’s hands along with entire brigade-sized defections taking place, what the world would least expect is for the U.S. to prepare another brigade-sized army to arm, fund, train, and turn loose inside of Syria. But that is precisely what the U.S. is planning to do. 3,000 “Moderate Rebels” Defect to ISIS – US Preparing 5,000 More. – H.L.

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A Gunfight in Kansas. – T.P.

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When the SHTF, this may be the scene at your local mart: Surveillance Video Shows Tidal Wave Of Looters Ransacking Ferguson, Missouri Market. – G.P.

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New GOP Border Security Bill Removes Border Fences. – P.M.
Not that a fence is even necessary. If we just had an effective system to arrest and deport (deep into Mexico), the largest portion of the problem would just vanish.

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