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For those who miss the Great Revivals of the past, R.G. sent in the link to a powerful message on YouTube. It is well worth the six minutes of your time required to listen to it. It is a huge regret of mine that my children have not experienced the spiritual revival of a church in their lifetime.

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Civil forteifure seizures to be halted without proving a crime has occurred. – RBS
Of course this is Eric Holder we are talking about here. Did anyone else have that instinctive urge to reach around and feel for the knife in your back after reading this? – HJL

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“None of this will end……..until Islam has been forcibly expelled from the continent for the third time.” – RBS

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Showing that supply chain disruptions can be as much a catastrophe for the producers as well as the consumers, Valley nut, citrus exports halted in port dispute

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Courtesy of The Daily Sheeple: Spoon Carving with an Ax

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Bench Dogs for under a buck! Don’t know what those are? Perhaps you need to watch Wranglerstar’s new video

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