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From Frank and Fern: Radio – Adventure with a New Antenna

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I received the following announcement from the manufacturer of Polar Pure, in Saratoga, California: “After three years of negotiations with the DEA and the EPA, I am pleased to inform you that Polar Pure is officially back on the market!” I was able to obtain a sample from the new production. The packaging looks identical to the “pre-ban” variety. I recommend stocking up before the DEA bureaucrats change their minds! – JWR

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Candle alternative. – G.P.

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Not everyone today believes in the throwaway society: Man drives $75 truck to work for 38 years. – T.P.

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Food for thought: Shut Up Officer. – T.P.

Hugh adds: I am bothered that the writer of this article is so hostile towards Law Enforcement officers in general. However, the points made are valid. We are tasking Law Enforcement officers, who have the ability to escalate to a deadly outcome, with enforcement of frivolous laws. Neither are the various agencies policing their ranks particularly well. One corrupt officer can destroy the reputation and public trust of an entire department and when those corrupt officers are defended in mass, it creates widespread distrust. This is the unavoidable eventual outcome of a nanny state mentality.

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