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Some food for thought: The Once & Future Christendom

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Many people are scratching their heads over President Obama’s insistence that we use the United Nations term of ISIL for the Islamic State of evil thugs and murderers. ISIL purportedly stands loosely for the Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant, with the Levant being a neo-colonial term originating with Britain and France several hundred years ago, when they divided up the Middle East, based on profits from exploitation. According to Wikipedia, the term Levant is only occasionally employed to refer to modern events, peoples, states, or parts of states in the same region, namely Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. This puts Israel in the list of regions and countries that BHO indirectly legitimizes as the goal and the targets of the IS. This is just one more kick under the bus for Israel from our Muslim-Lover-In-Chief. Contacting our congressional reps is worth the effort to revert to ISIS as we watch the REAL Junior Varsity squad in the White House try to tackle this very real threat with ineffective air strikes, threating letters and emails, unfriending them on Facebook, and trying to look really, really mad when the cameras are pointing their way. Yep; that’s a sure-fire strategy for victory, if ever there was one.

Even Newsweek is scratching it’s head in this article. Left-leaning Vox also wonders why the Obama JV team is using ISIL. Finally, Glenn Beck nails exactly what BHO’s use of ISIL means and why it is important. PLEASE EVERYONE-Vote THIS November and the next and the next. – RAZ

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Medieval Weapon Finds Modern Appeal. – G.G.

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Lockdown Begins in Sierra Leone to Battle Ebola. – P.S.

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Stewart Rhodes: #sheepdog vs #sheepdog Speech at the Lamp of Liberty National Press Club. – G.P.

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