Odds ‘n Sods:

Mob Violence, Terrorists, & Fears of Tyranny: Are You Arming & Armoring Up? – T.P.

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News Montville, N.J. Plan Would Allow Searches Without Warrants For Underage Drinking. – T.J.

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And Then They Came For The Bolt-Actions. – B.B.

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NBC: Survive Home Invasion By Cooperating With Invaders, ‘Treat Them Like Royalty’ – T.P.

It’s absolutely astonishing in this day and age that any reporter would suggest such poor advice that will likely get you killed. Cooperating with a home invasion thug may have been exactly what Jull Su did and look where it got her: Dayont’e Resiles arrested in death of Jill Su.

If victims (or the families of victims) can sue gun companies, shouldn’t they also be able to sue those who give such catastrophic advice?

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Liberian president’s security team learns that Ebola is no respecter of badges or guns: Ebola Strikes EPS – 57 Agents Quarantined. – G.L.

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