Odds ‘n Sods:

Midwest virus may be ‘tip of iceberg,’ CDC warns. – Time to break out the elderberry syrup for kiddos and educate your school on how to sanitize. (Think grapefruit seed extract and thieves oil.) – P.W.

Also: Virus hitting Midwest could be ‘tip of iceberg,’ CDC official says. – G.P.

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The New Terahertz Night Vision Can See Through Walls, Skin. – J.W.

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The Obama administration’s response to the threat of ISIS recruiting inside the United States has been to release an anti-ISIS video over the weekend, featuring images of ISIS beheading people, blowing up mosques, and executing Muslims. This, coincidentally, is exactly the stuff that ISIS uses to recruit its friends, demonstrating once again that the disconnected Obama administration simply does not understand the attraction of the radical group to radical Muslims. The Real Threat of ISIS in the Homeland – J.W.

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A recent court ruling in Canada finally injects some common sense into a case in Ontario where a “former American military sniper” fired a shot to scare off a stray dog in a rural farming area. The Court ruled that Firing guns in rural areas isn’t ‘inherently’ dangerous, court rules. No kidding! It’s not any more dangerous than driving while obeying the laws of the road. It’s sad that people have to argue these points, but I am glad they do when challenged, and even more so that common sense has prevailed (this time). – A.D.

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Video: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama. – B.B.

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