Notes for Thursday – September 03, 2015

On September 3, 1752, the American Colonies officially adopted the Gregorian calendar, and it immediately became September the 14th.

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During the month of September, Ready Made Resources will be offering Mountain House Foods at 35-50% off. Make sure you visit their web site if you are thinking of topping off your storage.

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This week we welcome our newest advertiser: They assemble and market some of the very best Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), medic bags, and trauma kits on the market. Be sure to check out their web site. If all that you presently own is a “boo-boo” first aid kit that doesn’t have much more than band-aids, then it is high time for you to acquire a serious trauma kit. And of course get the training to go along with it. (Short of taking formal EMT training, I highly recommend the inexpensive training offered by the Western Rifle Shooter’s Association, and by Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy.)

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