Notes for Monday – August 31, 2015

August 31st, 1992 is the day that Randy Weaver surrendered to the Federal Authorities, ending the 10 day siege on Ruby Ridge. This is the incident that preceded the Waco siege and is known for the unconstitutional rules of engagement and overzealous actions by the jack booted thugs of the federal authorities that resulted in the death of two innocent people– Sammy and Vicki Weaver, Randy’s son and wife. It is notable that Randy was acquitted of all charges except missing a court date and violating bail conditions on an ATF sting operation where it is suspected that Mr. Weaver did nothing wrong but that the ATF informant altered the shotguns sold to him by Weaver resulting in Weaver’s arrest. In addition, the missed court date was due to clerical errors on behalf of the court. All involved Federal agencies were publicly reprimanded, and the state of Idaho attempted to press charges against some individuals for their actions but were stymied due to federal interference.

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SurvivalBlog’s economics editor, Mr Econocobas, needs some help due to his travel schedule, so we are now actively seeking a part-time economics editor. You would only be in it for the glory plus a few free books and a nice birthday present each year. The ideal candidate to fill this role would be someone with a strong economics background and sagacious discernment, someone who already combs the global economic news several days a week for other reasons and is retired or semi-retired. Email us if you are interested. – HJL

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We are now halfway through Round 60 of the SurvivalBlog writing contest. If you have been wanting to write about a project you have been working on or have a desire to share some of your knowledge with others, this is an excellent opportunity to submit it to us. Don’t forget that we now will publish pictures if you submit those with your article! Follow the directions on our contest writing page and submit it to us soon to get entered in this round of the contest. For those who have already won in the past, make sure you also check the contest page. You may be eligible to win again, depending on what prize you won and how long it has been. Those who made honorable mention in the past have no restrictions on winning other than the regular rules. – HJL

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