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Video: The Oregon state sheriff association press release and Kris Ann Hall’s response to it. It’s pretty obvious that the police are (or at least think they are) federal. – J.A.

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Eastern Washington ought to secede sooner rather than later. Those that couldn’t foresee this result from the lunatic “gender neutral” laws are ignorant progressives. – T.Z.

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There are still some slots available for the North Idaho Boomershoot. (April 22-24.) This is a Rite of Spring, Idaho style. You gotta love an event where you legally shoot at explosives. OBTW, bonus points (and a free autographed book) to the first SurvivalBlog reader who writes an after-action report. – JWR

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Course Description for the 05-06 March SHTF Intelligence course in Kalispell, Montana and 12-13 March in Spokane, Washington. Folks in the American Redoubt should consider attending this to add to your bundle of skillsets. Thanks to John Jacob (of RadioFree Redoubt) for the heads up.

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Oregon Lawmakers Rush to Shield Name of Alleged Officer Who Shot Lavoy Finicum – RBS

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