News From The American Redoubt:


Bozeman, Montana: Transient with sword accused of attempting robbery

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Blackfeet Tribe decides to banish drug dealers

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‘Regulatory War’ Fought Over a Wyoming Family’s Pond Didn’t know rocks and sand were pollutants… – MtH

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Parents Protest Medical Kidnappings in Michigan – D.S.

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The western states emergency/disaster services, both government and volunteer organizations, are planning for a massive disaster training exercise in June of 2016 (named Cascadia Rising). It is an earthquake/tsunami scenario based exercise that I’ll be talking about more in the near future. Many state-level ARES groups are planning ahead of time to help become more prepared. The Idaho ARES will be conducting a SET (Simulated Emergency Test) on October 17th. For more information, you can go to the Idaho ARES website. – John Jacob

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