News From The American Redoubt:

Fellow Patriots and AmRRON Operators,

As you know there are several wildfires in this part of the American Redoubt, with the possibility of dry lighting thunderstorms this week. Currently the Bayview fire is still uncontained, and they are calling for evacuations west and north of Farragut State Park and around Bayview. Clint Cord posted a Facebook page where folks can share information and updates and offer help. There is one patriot who has offered to pick up and board horses for those evacuees who have animals.

  • AmRRON Operators, be prepared to monitor for news and updates and render communications assistance for the next 72 hours:
  • Monitor CH3 and AmRRON Simplex frequency of 146.420

Also, in the Bonner/Kootenai County area monitor the following:

  • Kootenai Amateur Radio Society (KARS) Ham Club repeater at 146.980 (- offset) PL 127.3
  • Kootenai County Emergency Operations Center (KCEOC) 147.080 (+ offset) PL 100

Thank you, and God bless! – JJS

P.S. – If you are not a licensed Ham radio operator, you can still monitor using a scanner, or you can use Channel 3 on FRS, CB, and MURS radios without a license.

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Idaho Residents Fight to Close Refugee Center Importing Syrian Muslims, Possible Terrorists. – H.L.

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What US land is really worth, state by state Thankfully, the American Redoubt region still has affordable land, on average.

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Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right to wed two wives. – D.S.

You knew it was coming. (See also: Pedophiles Call for Same Rights as Homosexuals)

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As usual, the American Redoubt stands out, on a map. Note that the shading for Oregon and Washington are both averaged. The eastern (Redoubt) halves of both of those states have gun ownership rates nearly as high as in Idaho. – JWR