News From The American Redoubt:

The Conservative Christian Identification Act. Montana citizens should contact their legislators about this dangerous bill.

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In the same week, Idaho had a Muslim-Turned-Christian Warn of the dangers radical Islam in Idaho and then had to hear about hundreds of Muslim refugees headed to Idaho.

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Fake Boise lawyer to spend 21 days behind bars, pay back clients. – RBS

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Snow Melt: ‘It’s about a month earlier than we would expect normally’

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Sam Culper (of and Forward Observer Magazine) will be teaching several Intelligence and Analysis courses in the American Redoubt and even has a couple of dates open if you want to facilitate bringing him to your town (min. 5 students + sponsor/facilitator).

The first training weekend is May 29–31 in Spokane, WA. There are three-day or two-day options…whichever works for you. It’s good to have him back in the American Redoubt.

‘Intelligence Preparation of the Community’

See more details and other scheduled dates/locations

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