News From The American Redoubt:


Many are asking why President Obama is choosing Idaho

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This is incredibly expensive toilet paper! Craigslist ad: Obama speech ticket – $1000

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Some megaload protesters report text messages from FBI. While I can’t condone the protester’s message, they have the right to protest. The FBI, however, has demonstrated some scary behavior here. – RBS

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Study Indicates Eastern Oregon’s Ontario is the state’s Least Safe City. For some residents of the border town, they refer to it as CompTario in reference to crime infested Compton, California. – RBS

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How safe is your county from a natural disaster? Research from NOAA based on 44 disaster variables lists 3,114 counties in the continental United States. Of the rating of the top fifteen safest counties from natural disasters in the U.S., 11 counties are in the American Redoubt. – B.W.

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