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Washington’s newly-enacted I-594 private party gun sales ban went into effect. This onerous law makes it illegal for citizens to sell guns (and even flare guns) to each other without routing the transfer through a FFL holder and doing a background check. The new law is just one more reason for freedom-loving Eastern Washington to seek partition from liberal/statist Western Washington. (The two halves of the state now have very little in common!) Thankfully, the new law has an exception for pre-1899 guns that are chambered in obsolete cartridges. Since cartridges like 7.65 Argentine Mauser, 6mm Lee Navy, .45-60, .45-75, .45-90, 7.62mm Mauser, .38 Long Colt, .38 S&W (not to be confused with .38 Special), and .41 Long Colt are no longer sold in most sporting goods and gun stores, it is safe to assume that guns chambered in such cartridges will be considered exempt from the new law.

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Idaho police use drone during investigation. – RBS

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Guidance for Hunter Education instructors regarding I-594

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Police suspect modern-day cattle rustling as 150 cows still missing. – RBS

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Red kettles less full, but Salvation Army knows why

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