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An enormous 500MW wind farm could soon grace the fields of Eastern Oregon. The skyline in the region is already dominated by wind turbines, but this will mean seeing even more of them. The entire Northwest (both Pacific and Inland) is already a power exporter. Thus, it will be the most likely to see rapid islanding and then restoration of regional grid power, in the event of a collapse of the western grid.

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This Spokane-based company is making news:  Stay Alfred: The biggest short-term rental startup you’ve never heard of is on track for $25M in revenue this year

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I just heard about a company in Kalispell, Montana that builds and sells CONEXes that have been converted into cabins, offices, and small houses. The company is called Outside The Box Housing Solutions, Inc.

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Another grizzly bear attack in Montana.  This time it was a father and daughter who were attacked. Be careful out there folks.  Always carry a very large pepper spray dispenser and/or a lead spray dispenser.  😉

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300,000+ panels, 100 Megawatts, and $200 million invested: Biggest solar farm in Idaho opens

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