News From The American Redoubt:

Miles from nowhere… Video of a family’s life at the end of the road: Living in Idaho Back Country

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Ten-Minute Video: North Idaho Wilderness Beauty.

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The editors of the leftward-leaning Coeur d’Alene Press put their spin on the recent widely-read feature article in The Economist: Welcome to the American Redoubt

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Wyoming Now Claiming It Owns the Wind – Taxes Energy Created by Mother Nature

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From a SurvivalBlog reader:

The employees of the largest employer in our Eastern Oregon county were made aware of this little gem today. It would cost our firm at least 4-5 million dollars annually in additional tax penalties. Our county has one of if not the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the state. Times are hard enough in the resource dependent rural areas of the Oregon as it is. This comes at a time when our parent owner is slashing every cost and job position they can to try and stay profitable and please their global shareholders. Really!? A productivity tax? Amazingly stupid in an age of so-called economic enlightenment. Once again brilliance like this can only be birthed in an environment of income re-distribution and rabid socialism. Multanoma and Washington Counties must be overflowing with a breed of the most ardent of Marxist Communist. One has to wonder if they don’t proudly salute their local statue of Lenin each day at sunrise. If there is no such figure in the Greater Salem area then perhaps the money they gain from this new “prosperity tax” would get them one. I am sure there is at least one of these “gems” still sitting around in a Moscow scrap yard somewhere that escaped the melting pot. And some newly minted Capitalist who would surely give them a good deal on it as well.

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