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The Economist (a leftist magazine and web site) did a pretty decent writeup on the American Redoubt featuring JWR. There are a few back-handed compliments, but overall it’s a good article. On the other hand, the comments (367, at last count) are pretty amusing and some are outrageously ill-informed. FYI: No, Idaho is not a “Blue” state. No, JWR has not undergone heart surgery. He is very healthy and active. While not a farmer, he is a rancher, and he most definitely does live inside the American Redoubt. He also coined the term “American Redoubt” in 2011–not “more than 10 years ago”, as one comment alleged.

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Thanks to the Peoples Republic of Oregon, they just made buying bottled products more competitive in border states. So in Idaho you will only pay a 6% on the dollar surcharge (sales tax) for your can of pop, and you do not have to mess around with returning the stinky can/bottle later on. You’ve gotta love those Communists over on the Coast. They are such great micro managers. The truth is that these clowns never met a tax they didn’t fall in love with. – RBS

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Brain-eating amoeba found in popular Grand Teton soak spot

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Wyoming highway exceeds grizzly death cap

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Idaho man discovers rare-mammoth tusk in his yard

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Idaho: Yantis letter-writers sound off on ruling

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