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John Jacob, of Radio Free Redoubt, has sent in the link to a document from on the “Freedom Index” of the various Idaho candidates up for election. If a candidate rated a “D” or an “F”, vote them out. There are far too many candidates that do not value your freedom! You can also get more voter information and election resources/articles to help you decide at and

In the primaries, there were some good outcomes, but mostly Bad ones. Let’s stay on top of this as we get closer to November.

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Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

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Video Blogger “ttabbs” posted a new educational video to help folks become more aware of the geological history of the inland NW related to the ice age floods as seen from the air. There is some beautiful scenery, and it’s a great educational video for the kids.

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Recall petition filed against Harney County Judge Steve Grasty -If every patriot just cleaned up in his own neighborhood of scum bags like this we could have this country cleaned up in a couple of weeks. – RBS

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Finicum Shooting: Was Bundy Driver/“Bodyguard” an FBI Agent Provocateur? – RBS

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