New Video: The FBI Narrative Unravels in the Aftermath of the Killing of Lavoy Finicum

A newly-released synced video of of the killing of Lavoy Finicum makes several things clear:
1.) The OSP and FBI started shooting before Finicim exited the pickup truck. (Note the timing of when the driver’s-side rear window is shattered by the FBI 5.56 round that hit the roof and wounded Ryan Bundy.)
2.) Finicum exited with his hands up.
3.) After Finicum was shot in the back and fell, dying, and even though there was no sign of resistance from the surviving passengers, the officers continued to shoot through the side windows, camper shell windows, and windshield of the pickup with pepper gas rounds, and possibly some pistol or rifle rounds.

And The Oregonian now reports that the FBI HRT team apparently conspired to conceal evidence and get their story straight about two shots that were fired by FBI sniper(s), wounding Ryan Bundy, and startling Finicum, putting him in stark fear of his life. The FBI HRT agents all lied in official statements, on two subsequent occasions, about anyone on their team firing any shots. That is now an indisputable fact. When will these agents be suspended from duty and prosecuted?

To me, all of this looks like grounds for multi-million dollar excessive force and wrongful death lawsuits! – JWR

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  1. I’m still upset by this. I’ve watched a lot of lavoy’s videos and he Semmed like a great man. What can we do about this? It appears to be the gov trying to shut up patriots. Nothing will change until a large percentage of the country are tired of this and demand changes. What are your thoughts on foreign mercenaries used in this ambush?

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