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Reader AmEx (American Expatriate) sent: What the Government Does with Americans’ Data

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Over at my friend Commander Zero’s blog: Feds Say Possession of “Large Amounts” of Weapons May Indicate Terrorist Activity. JWR’s Comment: The linked article has a photo of what could best be described as a “starter” gun collection (a couple of ARs, a FAL, an AK, and a few handguns.) If that constitutes a “weapons cache”, then the agents must be from some gun-deprived eastern Nanny State. They would surely have a fit of apoplexy if they walked into JASBORR. This somehow reminds me of a piece that I wrote back in March of 2007. (That, BTW, is still wandering around the Internet in one of those endlessly-forwarded e-mails–with attribution to my authorship removed, and no mention of copyright.)

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Cheryl liked this one: Washington’s Blog: Americans Have Lost VIRTUALLY ALL of Our Constitutional Rights

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