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Update: The big sales on Mountain House long term storage foods packed in #10 cans are continuing. Some varieties are now sold out, for example: New Orleans Rice & Shrimp, Sweet & Sour Pork, and Pilot Crackers. On any of those, you can now expect up to a two month delay before shipment!

There are now five SurvivalBlog advertisers that are running September Mountain House sales, and I strongly recommend that you stock up to take advantage of these sales prices in September.

Here is a summary of the five September sales on Mountain House foods in #10 cans. They are all offering deep discounts and most of them are offering free shipping:

Because of the huge volume of orders expected, you can expect up to a 15-day delay before your order ships from stock on hand with all five of these Mountain House dealers. (Although Safecastle reports that drop-shipped orders coming directly from Mountain House’s facility on Oregon are shipping within five days.)

Note that the deepest discounts are limited to selected varieties and to stock on hand, so place your order soon. Check with the vendors’ web sites often, as they will be adjusting some pricing during the month, and listing the food varieties that have run out.

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Peter S. sent a link to this brilliant parody: Help Kickstart World War III!

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Oh and speaking of Pinterest, Mike Williamson recommended this Pinterest page: Salt and Prepper.

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J.E.L. suggested this post over at Gold is Money by someone who has lived truly off grid and grubby: 102 Prepping choices I would change

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Joe K. suggested: Living Without Running Water: A Practical Guide. JWR’s Comment: This drives home my oft-repeated point that it is essential to have a retreat property with spring water (preferably gravity fed) or a shallow well (32 feet, or less.)

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