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There is a new but familiar listing on SurvivalRealty that I once owned: Secluded But Not Remote Retreat for Sale in Idaho County, Idaho. I can personally vouch that it is a fantastic piece of retreat land, with multiple springs, a good mix of timber and quite a variety of wild herbs. It is advantageously situated down at low elevation on a very private side canyon of the South Fork of the Clearwater River. The winters there are very mild–with just a month of snow that “sticks”–and a long growing season. The surrounding properties are large cattle ranches, so it feels very private. The property has abundant water, fantastic harvestable timber, and a naturally-exposed quarry of road rock (that can be crushed as needed) right next to the road through the property. With only one vehicular approach, the property is quite defendable. I highly recommend this retreat property!

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Here is an interesting “water risk” map that is useful for retreat locale selection. (Thanks to CDV for the link.)

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As I ‘ve mentioned before, for National Preparedness Month, Mountain House has removed their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) restrictions on their authorized dealers for long term storage foods packed in #10 cans. This is an unprecedented opportunity, with low sale prices that haven’t been seen in decades. There are now five SurvivalBlog advertisers are Mountain House dealers, and I strongly recommend that you stock up to take advantage of these sales prices in September.

Here is a summary of the five September sales on Mountain House foods in #10 cans. They are all offering deep discounts and most of them are offering free shipping:

Because of the huge volume of orders expected, you can expect up to a 15-day delay before your order ships, with all five of these Mountain House dealers. Note that the deepest discounts are limited to selected varieties and to stock on hand, so place your order soon. Check with the vendors’ web sites often, as they will be adjusting some pricing during the month, and listing the food varieties that have run out.

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G.G. flagged this: Survive the apocalypse in style: Home that boasts a luxury bunker 26 feet underground with fake grass and simulated night and day.

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Rick G. was the first of several readers to send this: Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security

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